“Earth’s Apple” – São Tomé e Príncipe, África, 2015

This project is part my focus topic: “How the Past is surviving by influencing the Present of peoples lives. How people build their identity and how they relate to other people, to animals, to the land.”

This body of work is from a Portuguese ex-colony, São Tomé e Príncipe, two islands in the West coast of África. A forgotten place. How the past is surviving by influencing the Present. I focused on the Human condition of the peoples and how they coped with it. With a social and psychological approach, on their struggle to survive, emotions and traumas. A contrast with the great abundant nature.

At the beginning of Mankind there was a Paradisiac Land.
The beautifulness of the surroundings. Human and harmony.

The nature of Man cannot resist the tempting forbidden fruits of life. The birth of uncertain paths. Pain becomes real. The burden of everyday contradicts the idilic scenery which seems to become unreachable.

Entrapment – forces the Man to run away, as the dancing dreams of satisfaction seem to become tangible, whilst the unreal sweat of liberation takes place.
The permanent seek of a state of happiness leads to a cyclic turbulence of emotions.
The Land. The life. Repetition.