I am Interested in how social-political and religious contexts can define the identity of the people. Human condition, emotional behaviour, survival, struggle.
As a Portuguese, the legacy follows me and there is an urge to discover and get to know the peoples of the world, their habitat, how they interact with each other, the communities. Interact to understand, communicate.
However, not interfering with the situation is important, in order to capture the real happening moment. The capture of a Filmographic mood can be seen as characteristic of my images. The moments in suspense, on hold.
I would define my work as: Light shapes the contrast of the Form – Human feelings form the contrast of the Content.



Born in Lisbon, Portugal. Grew up in a former industrial city in the suburbs of Lisbon. His grandfather was an amateur photographer in the 50s and 60s and travelled the world for exhibiting his work.
Lives in Munich, Germany, working as a Software Engineer.


Photography studies in Lisbon between 2013 and 2015 in MEF (Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica). Currently attending the Anzenberger Photography Masterclass 2017/2018, in Vienna.


Collective documentary Photography travels with MEF:
– Portuguese small villages (rural and desertified)
– India (published a collective book in 2015)
– São Tomé e Príncipe (African Island) (publishing a collective book)
– HongKong, Macau, China & Vietnam (published a collective book, 2017)


Richard Kalvar (Paris), Nikos Economopoulos (Peloponneso, Greece), Irina Popova (Istanbul), Jordi Burch (Lisbon) and Paulo Nozolino (Arles) 2015-2017. Workshop Paris Photo 2017 with Kristin Dittrich.

Storytelling in Documentary Photography with Corinne Noordenbos, 2018.


– Collective exhibition “NOW!” in Haus der Fotografie, Wien, Austria, in 2016
– Invited to the Frontpage of VASA-Project, online exhibition, in January 2017
– Collective exhibition “SÜD OST ORT WEST” in Kösk, München, Germany, in 2017